Our strategies

Being a privately-owned business gives us the freedom to provide measured and tailored advice to truly deliver financial solutions to our clients. We deliver financial solutions rather than sell financial products.

We employ numerous strategies that are tailored for our clients but maintain flexibility in case their circumstances change. At all times though, we remain focussed on the big picture for our clients; maintaining and even growing their wealth throughout their retirement. Some of the financial strategies we will help manage for our clients include:

Cash flow management

In order to create wealth, we need to be disciplined about what we spend. Managing your cashflow and having a defined savings plan is the first step to wealth creation. We help you with debt reduction, expense analysis and strategies to save.

Retirement planning

Planning for retirement is not about planning for it when you have retired! The most effective way to plan for a comfortable retirement is to start today. Small changes to increase savings and superannuation contributions add up to a massive difference in retirement. We will help you effectively plan for your retirement by maximising the amount you can save and contribute to superannuation, understanding the different tax effective income streams, and helping you assess the right structures to hold your retirement assets.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

SMSFs continue to be the fastest growing sector of the Australian superannuation industry representing more than 50% of superannuation savings. A professionally managed SMSF aligns the benefits of flexibility, control and transparency with your investment objectives. We are specialist advisers in this area and we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you maximise the benefits of a SMSF, while investing in accordance with your investment preferences.

Personal Super and Pension Fund

Sometimes you may not need the full benefits of a SMSF but wish to invest your retirement wealth in a similar way. Being privately owned gives us the freedom of choice to recommend the right investments for you; those most likely to meet your needs.

Investment Management

We have extensive experience and knowledge in constructing investment portfolios to deliver on our clients’ goals and objectives. We conduct our own in-house research, along with utilising externally sourced research from one of the largest research houses in the world. We distil all the information into a strategy that you will easily understand and one that helps deliver on what you need.

Insurance and Personal Protection

Your ability to earn an income may be your largest financial asset right now. Yes, in most cases we do not consider protecting our ability to earn an income. We highlight the importance of protecting this asset as it is the driver of your long term wealth creation.

We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your personal risks and how to mitigate them.

Keyperson Insurance and Buy/Sell insurance

You’re a business owner that has worked hard and invested in your business. It is the main source of your income and your wealth and retirement plans are based on selling the business in the future. This is Plan A.

What happened if Plan A is derailed through sickness, injury, death or disablement? Do you have a Plan B?

If not, we can help. We will assess your business goals and conduct a risk management plan to help mitigate the risks and help you create a plan on how to preserve the value of the business and have a funding mechanism for an orderly exit from the business. This help the business continue and also protects you and your family’s retirement plans.

Estate Planning

Careful and effective estate planning works to ensure your accumulated wealth is protected and distributed in line with your wishes. If our advice and investment strategies have helped you maintain and preserve your wealth in retirement, then you are most likely going to have significant assets to bequeath to loved ones. Intergenerational asset transfers need to be carefully planned for to ensure the right assets go to the right people. We will help you plan this and work with a solicitor to ensure your wishes are met.

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